Indie Folk Band - Baltimore, MD

Basswood is an acoustic duo comprised of Will Brandenburg and Sheridan Webb. Bringing two individually diverse musical pasts into one band, Basswood’s style combines punk, folk, bluegrass, and rock to create a high energy style all their own. 


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Basswood, like the fish.

Step 1: Relocation to D.C. Step 2: Website Launch. Step 3: Release that damn album. Okay, so this is crazy and we can't believe so much has happened in 2014. We are Basswood, Will and Sheridan. We share a love of good music, the outdoors, traveling, and puggles. We'd like to try and knock your socks off. However, when prompted to describe ourselves we don't like to be  all "Will Brandenburg and Sheridan Webb have musical passion pulsating through their veins and wake up every morning with the sole purpose of sharing their gift with the world". Nor do we wanna be all "Basswood has a unique ability to always make sure the crowd has a good time due to their keen understanding of how to cater to an audience". We could go on with these generic band descriptions all day. But the most important thing you should know is we love playing music and we try and do it as much as we can. Whether we're alone or in front of people we relish every opportunity to create and play our own brand of music. We pride ourselves on making our cover songs our own rather than try and rehash a song note for note (no matter what you do Old Crow will play Wagon Wheel better). We're writing more and more originals all the time and are tickled pink when people enjoy our material. We usually do about a half and half mixture of originals and covers at three hour shows. Please keep up with our website, we'll be updating it as much as possible in an effort to connect with our fans. Also, please check out our youtube channel by searching "basswoodtheband" and if you'd be so kind, drop us a line at, on facebook, or tweet us @basswoodtheband. We'd love to hear what you think! Keep exploring our website for music, photos, and videos and come back and visit us very very soon :D

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